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This blog is made to show the world how beautiful our home is and how much we care about it.We'll be posting pictures of pretty sceneries and happy happenings around the country.

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Hey guys, it’s been a while huh? As usual, life and school is to blame. I cannot guarantee that this blog will be updated daily but I will try to do so weekly.
Anyways here are some photos I took today of our Presidential Jetty. I took them with my phone so it may not be so good. Please enjoy though!

Photographer: Dhammy



As per request of the lovely Alice, these are the postcards I received from my dear friend Dhammy.

These are postcards I sent to my friend Alexis. Just some resorts and islands basically.

Once again I must apologize for the lack of posts.

I have been recently busy with my exams which will end on the 10th of this month. However I will not be getting a holiday as I will start school on the 15th again.

However I will try to update as much as I can.

Again I am sorry that I do not pay this blog much attention. Please bear with me and my laziness.

I am sorry!

Also welcome to all the new followers. I hope you will like our blog. :)


The Concrete Jungle in the Middle of the Ocean - Male’, Part Two.

The first picture is the source of the electricity in Male’ and most of the islands. It’s only a part of the Stelco company that is shown in that picture and it isn’t showing the smoke and noise that comes with it daily.

Pollution levels of air and environment in Male’ are incredibly high. The sea is used as a trash bag and the air is hard to breathe in with all the smoke from boats, cars, cycles and anything else that is in Male’. And the noise level is also intolerable.

Maldives is a pretty place, yes. But looks can be deceiving. People don’t like to live in places that are ugly and the air is polluted but rather than trying to do anything about it, people seem to just ignore it and hope it’ll go away.

However now there are groups out there in the Maldives that are working hard to make people become aware about how their actions are affecting the environment and even setting up groups that go and clean the beaches regularly. (See: https://www.facebook.com/projectdmgctrl?ref=br_rs)

Photography: Imy


The Concrete Jungle in the Middle of the Ocean - Male’.

These were taken in the early hours of Friday morning and as you can see, during the campaigning of our Parliament members. Though the posters and the flags pose a serious threat as litter and potential road accidents, somehow it still manages to look so pretty when no one is around on the roads.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Photographer: Imy.


We have been incredibly busy, the two people behind this blog. I have been swamped with school work and personal matters and Imy has also been incredibly busy with work and studying.

Thus, the reason why this blog has not been updated for a pretty long time. We are truly sorry.

However we are starting up again and here’s some really recent pictures that Imy took yesterday!

It’s mostly of Male’ though.


This is on a safari trip I went on last year. The trip was free because a family friend was in charge of the boat and he took us with him one day.

It was fun. And I got this rather cool photo when I was taking photos after a little diving and snorkeling.

Photographer: Dhammy


Both of us have being incredibly busy with school and college respectively but soon, incredibly soon, we will be free to once more put our energy into this little blog.

Keep on following us and liking us for more pretty pictures, feel good stuff and cats.

Yes you heard it right.



Hi guys!

Photographer: Dhammy


Surfer Sunrise.

Another Raalhu Gan’du picture. Raalhu Gan’du is known for it’s wave activity and is a popular surfing area in Male’. Sights like this is not uncommon, especially on a Friday!

Photographer: Imy